If you’ve visited New City for a coffee, you may have noticed our Americano offering on the chalkboard. but do you really know what it is?

In the United States, drip coffee reigns supreme. But when you look at how coffee is consumed globally, you’ll find that the Americano is actually SECOND in popularity only to a typical Italian Espresso (again, not drip coffee).

Origins of the Americano vary, but the most widely believed take is the most interesting to share. You see, when American soldiers came to Italy during WWII, they needed their coffee bad. The only problem was that Italian espresso was much too strong for their drip coffee taste buds. So they did what any level-headed American would do - they mixed it with hot water. Ahhh, brilliance.

Well, the Americano has stuck around, and for good reasons. Our Counter Culture Espresso is rich and earthy, so you get to really taste it when added to hot water. It’s up to you whether or not to add cream or sugar, so it’s a low-calorie option compared to a typical latte, and yet will keep you warmer for longer than a single shot of espresso.

Come visit us at 28 Main Street in Hudson, MA for an Americano, Latte, or Affogato. There’s Wifi, there’s pastries, and plenty of ice cream too!