Hudson’s flourishing culinary scene is starting to turn heads - so much so that Boston Magazine recently featured some of Hudson’s coolest eateries. 

We’re happy to say that New City Microcreamery made the cut, as did the “shoe shop” next door.

Check out what Brittany Jasnoff of Boston Magazine had to say about Our little Ice Cream & Coffee Shop:

“The Rail Trail team added something sweet to their arsenal this past May, with a 5,000-   square-foot ice cream shop directly across the street from the restaurant. Not content to churn the Mapleline Farm dairy the old-fashioned way, executive pastry chef Elaine Stella (Harvest, L’Espalier) is flash-freezing flavors like rum-Raisinet and chipotle-mezcal with liquid nitrogen. The process, with its clouds of smoke, results in not only a smoother, creamier product, but also a rapt audience. Don’t even think about ordering yours without a buttery waffle cone and a sprinkling of “funk”—toppings such as torn chunks of orange–olive oil cake.”

It looks like we may have more Bostonians on our hands in the coming weeks!

To read the entire article, check out To experience our top-notch ice cream, coffee, and pastries yourself…well, you’ll just have to drop by.