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* Please inform your server before placing your order if anyone in your party has a food allergy
* Some of our flavors contain eggs. Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Our NEW CITY STYLES feature traditional favorites paired with many different imaginative flavor combinations that we feel go together just right. We are pushing the boundaries and you are the taste testers of the future of Ice Cream. Our GRAVY is all homemade, goopy, gloppy and irresistible and our FUNK is exactly what it sounds like, a bit of fairy dust to funk up any style you might choose like an accessory that makes an outfit pop.

We decided to partner with the best businesses we could find in order to guarantee that all of our products are not only delicious, but are also capable of full integration with each other.

Our milk comes fresh from Mapleline farms once or twice a week. A family owned business for over 100 years out of Hadley, MA, John Kokoski, the farms owner (and a giant of a man) comes himself to deliver the milk and it is creamy, natural and as fresh and delicious as it sounds. When we saw him on his farm, grandchildren climbing him like a tree, we knew we had found our man and his dairy is the main ingredient in our ice cream.

Please note that menu is subject to change as we are always making new flavors but we will update this page as often as possible. Also, we offer dairy free and nut free flavors and do our best to maintain the highest standards of safety when it comes to cross contamination and allergies. Please inform us of any preferences or allergies that you may have upon visiting and feel free to ask for a manager if you have any questions so we can take utmost precautions.