Our philosophy when it comes to dining is that the food is only one component of an experience. We scoured the world researching what made a great Ice Cream experience. From Los Angeles to Portland to Brooklyn to London we studied the lines, colors and textures of Ice Cream shops and Cafes the world over. Slowly, a vision formed of an open ice cream kitchen where every corner, nook and cranny had a surprise waiting for the curious guest. Look up and see floating milk crate clouds. Look to your left and notice an exposed brick and stone foundation wall with art work and chalk boards giving insight into the process behind our ice cream. Peer into the back of the kitchen where under an old American flag you will see a red cage housing our nitrogen tap. Watch as nestled next to our kiddie chalk board we spin ice cream so close that if it was not for protective glass you could almost stick your finger in and have a taste. We exhausted ourselves trying to leave no stone unturned and we cannot wait for you to come and explore New City.