Whoa.  We just really want to thank our loyal fans and Mass Live for voting for us as the best ice cream in Massachusetts!  The voting process was really cool (pun intended) to watch unfold.  The first wave started with our community letting Mass Live know what their favorite shops were in Massachusetts.  That narrowed the finalists down to ten. Each region of Massachusetts had a chance to win the best ice cream in Massachusetts!

The team from Mass Live joined us on their first stop to taste our ice cream. 

The team tried Vanilla, Key Lime Pie and Hazelnutty.

Mass Live writes...

"No. 1 -- New City Microcreamery, Hudson

Kit's take: New City Microcreamery, which makes all of their ice cream in-house, earns our number one spot for creating a texture and taste of ice cream like no other. The liquid nitrogen process, concocted in an old-fashioned Hobart machine, froze and whipped the cream simultaneously, a delight to watch, and even more to taste. The first spoonful took my breath away at how frozen, yet creamy it was. The vanilla, made with vanilla beans soaked for three days, tasted like frozen frosting. A drizzle of their homemade hot fudge, made with real butter and cream and a high percentage chocolate, and I was in love. Each of the all-natural ingredients and add-ins at New City Microcreamery take the flavor to the next level of intensity. The key lime pie, made with real lime and a graham cracker pie crust throughout the ice cream, tasted so good it made me prefer the ice cream over the pie. Creativity flows like water at New City Microcreamery and you are bound to find an original flavor that will make you come back for more, whether it's fennel pistachio, Hazelnutty, mocha blanca raspberry or ginger Thai basil."

We are honored to have been voted the Best Ice Cream in Massachusetts!  We look forward to another cool year with our community!  Thank you again!