Thomas Edward kepner

executive chef

Joining the group with the founding of Rail Trail Flatbread Co, Executive Chef, Thomas Kepner has proven to be an unmatched creative force in the kitchen. Cooking since he could walk, he relished the opportunity to execute his unique vision and seized the opportunity with gusto. 

Last year he began concocting unique from-scratch test batches to share with employees, friends and family out of the Rail Trail prep kitchen.  They received overwhelmingly positive reactions as their new audience craved and begged for more.  The feedback was clear and universal; not only is it delicious, but it is reminiscent. It is ice cream made the way it used to be.

karim el-gamal, michael kasseris, jason kleinerman

creative directors

Before founding NewCity, Karim El-Gamal and Michael Kasseris were classmates in the MBA program at Babson College. The pair bonded over their passion for the culinary arts and began researching and developing these ideas. In 2012, they launched The Railtrail Flatbread Company in the heart of downtown Hudson.

Proving to be a great success, Railtrail has been featured in various regional publications and broadcasts, including The Phantom Gourmet. The partners have also received local entrepreneurship awards and been recognized for turning the city around and creating what has become a resurgence in downtown Hudson.

Jason Kleinerman - a Bentley University alum and childhood friend of Mr. Kasseris - became inspired by the Railtrail mission and left a career in Real Estate to partner with the pair and renew his passion for food. Coming from three varying tastes and backgrounds, the three found one common ground in their love of ice cream.

Alyssa Lieberman

executive PASTRY CHEF

Pastry Chef Alyssa Lieberman made a rather on-the-fly and whimsical decision to attend Johnson & Wales University to study Baking and Pastry arts. So far it seems to be working for her.

Believing that you can learn  something important in any situation, Lieberman flipped burgers and mixed salads in combination with her pastry responsibilities at several restaurants across central Massachusetts before her education was finished. With her degree and a short study at the ENSPpastry school in Yssingeaux, France under her belt, she took an internship at the Boylston Street icon L’Espalier in Boston and stayed on after for almost two years. Pastry Chef Jiho Kim’s desire, and ability, to break the rules of the game and defy the conventional attitudes around him inspired her to do the same.

Chef Alyssa considers ice cream the “perfect medium” for any flavor combination. The milk there is as local and rich as you could hope to find and so is the flavor selection. She continues to push/completely ignore conventional boundaries in this haven of frosty confections and will always insist that the best flavors are yet to come. Care to test that theory?