Ice cream is a way of life to us. When we decided to set out on this journey to bring the most delicious frozen confections to Massachusetts, we knew we had to make it ourselves from scratch recipes. At New City Microcreamery, we are not only an Ice Cream Shop. Think of us as a factory where anything we dream is within our reach. We love experimenting with flavor, texture and color and we are not afraid to push the boundaries of dessert. Of course, we are a completely open Ice Cream kitchen so you can watch every step of the process as Tom, Alyssa and the team at New City venture where no Ice Cream shop has ever gone before; into the great ice cream unknown.





"She drank from a bottle called DRINK ME 

And she grew so tall, 

She ate from a plate called TASTE ME 

And down she shrank so small. 

And so she changed, while other folks 

Never tried nothin' at all.”


Alice by Shel Silverstein


We use a liquid nitrogen process to freeze the cream. After the scratch ice cream base has steeped in its flavor for 24 hours in our walk in refrigerator, we pour it into our mixer. First we slowly move the base and introduce the liquid nitrogen, which is more than negative 300 degrees, and evenly freeze the base. We then increase the speed on the mixer to aerate the frozen cream and give it its lighter texture and mouth feel. Using the super cold liquid nitrogen creates a smaller ice crystal which gives it the smooth New City texture we look for. Plus... its a heck of a show.