Update weekly. Flavors are subject to change. 

Last updated on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. 



   Vanilla (E)



new classics

   cake batter (G,E)

   Choc-chip cookie dough (G,E)

   chocolate chip

   mint chip


   vegan chocolate avocado

   vegan oreo (G)

   vegan vanilla

   vegan mounds

   Strawberry Guava sorbet


   too many cookies (g)

   maple walnut (N)

   PB Reeses (N)

   Afternoon tea


new city originals

   Milk chocolate oreo (G)

   vanilla saffron (E)

   Java the Heath (N)

   Lime Avocado

   baklava (n,G)

   malted milk ball (G)

   fennel pistachio (N)

   toasted wheat

   chocolate pB madness (N,g)


   salted caramel

   ruthless (N)

   cannoli (g,e)

   chai almond (N)

   singing in the blues

   max piggy bank chunk (N, G)

   the ultimate coverage (G)

Allergen Definitions

A- Alcohol

E - Egg

G - Gluten

N - Nuts

* All ' VEGAN' flavor is made from coconut milk.