Whether you are looking to stop in for your morning cup, or meeting a friend or colleague for handcrafted lattes, our coffee offerings are meant to raise the bar. 

Our team of baristas has been brought together and trained to bring you the best coffee experience possible. We love people who take their coffee seriously. 

Expect seasonal offerings that engage your pallets with local inspirations. Expect in-house cold brew that is steeped for hours. Expect the finest espresso paired with local milk.

What’s inside Your Coffee:

Our coffee and espresso beans are sourced through Counter Culture, a company that not only ensures our beans are at peak freshness, but also provides valuable training and insight to our baristas by coming on site to train and work with us.

Our milk which comes fresh from Mapleline farms once or twice a week. A family owned business for over 100 years out of Hadley, MA, John Kokoski, the farms owner (and a giant of a man) comes himself to deliver the milk and it is creamy, natural and as fresh and delicious as it sounds. When we saw him on his farm, grandchildren climbing him like a tree, we knew we had found our man and his dairy is the main ingredient in our ice cream.

Our relationship with Mem Teas is the same as the two companies seem to share a common vision in their respective fields. Providing us with fresh tea from all parts of the world, they have trained us in the ways of the American Tea ceremony and we boast a tea for any time of day or mood you might find yourself in. 

All of these products are used not only in their traditional ways, but together. You will find the tea and coffee used in the ice cream and the milk in the coffee and tea.

We're excited to give Hudson, MA incredible coffee. Come see us every morning at 7am for your morning Americano, Latte, Chai Tea, or just a good old fashioned cup of joe.

SPRING Menu 2017

Our new lineup of specialty drinks and fine selections of pastry are waiting for you to check out at our shop. Stop by and enjoy the season with us!